Psalms in Metre
   1  Lord, hear my pray'r and my complaint
         which I do make to thee,
      And in thy native truth, and in
         thy justice answer me.
   2  In judgment with thy servant, Lord,
         O enter not at all:
      For justified be in thy sight
         not one that liveth shall.
   3  The enemy pursued my soul,
         my life to ground hath thrown,
      And laid me in the dark like them
         that are to grave gone down:
   4  Therefore my spirit in me is
         in great perplexity,
      My heart within me is also
         afflicted grievously.
   5  Yet I record time past, and on
         thy works I meditate,
      Yea, I do muse upon the works
         that thy hands have create.
   6  To thee, O Lord my God, do I
         stretch forth my craving hands;
      My soul desireth after thee,
         as do the thirsty lands.
   7  Hear me with speed, my spirit fails,
         hide not thy face, lest I
      Be like to them that in the pit
         sink down, and there do lie.
   8  Let me thy loving-kindness in
         the morning hear and know;
      For in thee is my trust, show me
         the way that I should go.
   9  For unto thee I lift my soul,
         O Lord, deliver me
      From all mine enemies, for I
         have hid myself with thee.
  10  Teach me to do thy will, for thou,
         thou art my God alway,
      Let thy good Spirit to the land,
         of mercy me convey.
  11  For thy Name's sake with quick'ning grace
         alive do thou me make,
      And out of trouble bring my soul,
         e'en for thy justice' sake;
  12  And of thy mercy slay my foes,
         let them destroy-ed be
      That do oppress my soul, for I
         a servant am to thee.