Psalms in Metre
   1  Unto the Lord God with my voice
         I did send out my cry,
      And with my strainèd voice unto
         the Lord God prayèd I.
   2  My meditation in his sight
         to pour I did not spare,
      And in the presence of the Lord
         my trouble did declare.
   3  Although perplexèd was my soul,
         my path was known to thee:
      In way where I did walk, a snare
         they slyly laid for me.
   4  I looked and viewed on my right hand,
         but none there would me know:
      All refuge failèd me, and for
         my soul none care did show.
   5  Then crièd I to thee, and said,
         O Lord, my hope thou art,
      And in the land of the living
         my portion and my part.
   6  Hear now my cry, for I am brought
         full low, deliver me
      From them that do me persecute,
         for me too strong they be.
   7  That I may praise thy Name, my soul
         from prison, Lord, bring out:
      When thou art good to me, the just
         shall compass me about.