Psalms in Metre
   1  O Lord, upon thee do I call,
         then haste thee unto me,
      And hearken thou unto my voice
         when I do cry to thee:
   2  As incense let my pray'rs still be
         directed in thy eyes,
      And the uplifting of my hands
         an evening sacrifice.
   3  For guiding of my mouth, O Lord,
         set thou a watch before;
      And also of my moving lips,
         O Lord, keep thou the door.
   4  That I should wicked works commit
         incline thou not my heart;
      With ill men of their delicates,
         Lord, let me eat no part.
   5  But let the righteous smite me, Lord,
         for that is good for me;
      Let him reprove me, and the same
         a precious oil shall be.
   6  Such smiting shall not break my head,
         the time shall shortly fall,
      When I shall in their misery
         make prayers for them all.
   7  And when in stony places down
         their judges shall be cast,
      Then shall they hear my words, because
         they have a pleasant taste.
   8  Our bones about the pit's mouth are
         all scatterèd, and found,
      As when one breaketh and doth hew
         the wood upon the ground.
   9  But, O, my Lord and God, my eyes
         do look up unto thee;
      In thee is all my trust, let not
         my soul forsaken be:
  10  Keep and preserve me from the snare
         which they for me have laid,
      And from the gins** of wicked men,
         whereof I am afraid.
  11  The wicked into their own nets
         together let them fall,
      While I do by thy help escape
         the danger of them all.
** gins:  traps, snares, nets.