Psalms in Metre
   1  O Lord, thou hast me tried and known,
         my sitting down dost know,
      My rising up and thoughts far off
         thou understand'st also.
   2  My path, yea, and my bed likewise
         thou art about always,
      And by familiar custom art
         acquainted with my ways:
   3  No word is in my tongue, O Lord,
         that is not known to thee;
      Thou hast beset me round about,
         and laid thy hand on me.
   4  Such knowledge is too wonderful,
         and past my skill to gain;
      It is so high, that I unto
         the same cannot attain.
   5  From thy all-seeing Spirit then,
         Lord, whither shall I go?
      Or whither shall I fly away
         from thy presence also?
   6  For if to heav'n I do climb up,
         1o, thou art present there;
      In hell if I lie down below,
         e'en there thou dost appear:
   7  Yea, let me take the morning wings,
         and let me go and dwell
      E'en in the very utmost parts,
         where flowing seas do swell:
   8  Yet, certainly there also shall
         thy hand me lead and guide,
      And thy right hand shall hold me fast,
         and make me to abide:
   9  Or if I say The darkness shall
         shroud me quite from thy sight,
      E'en then the night that is most dark
         about me shall be light.
  10  The darkness hideth not from thee,
         but night doth shine as day;
      To thee the darkness and the light
         are both alike alway.
   The Second Part.
  11  For thou possessèd hast my reins,
         and thou didst cover me,
      Within my mother's womb, when I
         was there enclosed by thee.
  12  Thee will I praise; made fearfully
         and wondrously I am;
      Thy works are marvelous, right well
         my soul doth know the same.
  13  My bones they are not hid from thee,
         although in secret place
      I have been made, and in the earth
         beneath I shapèd was.
  14  When I was formless, then thy eye
         saw me, for in thy book
      Were all my members written, and
         nought after fashion took.
  15  The thoughts therefore of thee, O God,
         how dear are they to me
      And of them all how very great
         the endless numbers be!
  16  If I should count them, 1o, their sum
         more than the sand they be;
      And whensoever I awake
         I present am with thee.
  17  The wicked and ungodly thou
         most certainly wilt slay:
      Therefore now, all ye bloody men,
         depart from me away.
  18  These are the men, O Lord, who speak
         most wickedly of thee,
      And take thy Name in vain, because
         thy enemies they be.
  19  Hate I not them that hate thee, Lord,
         and that in earnest wise
      Am I not grievèd with all those
         that up against thee rise?
  20  I hate them with a perfect hate,
         e'en as my utter foes:
      Try me, O God, and know my heart,
         my thoughts prove and disclose.
  21  Consider, Lord, if wickedness
         in me there any be;
      And in thy way, O God my guide,
         for ever lead thou me.