Psalms in Metre
   1  The Lord did say unto my Lord,
         Sit thou on my right hand,
      Till I have made thy foes a stool
         whereon thy feet shall stand.
   2  The Lord shall out of Zion send
         the sceptre of thy might:
      Amidst thy mortal foes be thou
         the ruler in their sight.
   3  And in the day on which thy reign
         and power they shall see,
      Then free-will offerings shall all
         the people give to thee.
   4  Yea, with an holy worshipping
         then shall they offer all:
      Thy birth-dew is the dew that doth
         from womb of morning fall.
   5  The Lord hath sworn, and never will
         repent what he doth say,
      By th'order of Melchisedech
         thou art a priest alway.
   6  The Lord thy God on thy right hand
         that standeth for thy stay,
      Shall wound for thee the stately kings
         in that his wrathful day.
   7  The heathen he shall judge, and fill
         the place with bodies dead,
      And over divers countries shall
         in sunder smite the head.
   8  And he shall drink out of the brook
         that runneth in the way:
      Wherefore he shall lift up on high
         his royal head that day.