Psalms in Metre
   1  Thou art, O Lord, my strength and stay,
         the succour which I crave;
      Neglect me not, lest I be like
         them that are laid in grave.
   2  My voice and supplications hear,
         when unto thee I cry,
      When I lift up my hands unto
         thy holy ark most high.
   3  Repute me not among those men
         in sin that take their fill,
      That speak right fair unto their friends,
         but think in heart full ill.
   4  According to those wicked deeds
         which they did most regard,
      And after their inventions, Lord,
         let them receive reward.
   5  Because they never mind the works
         of God, he will therefore,
      Instead of building of them up,
         destroy them evermore.
   6  To render thanks unto the Lord,
         how great a cause have I,
      My voice, my pray'r, and my complaint,
         that heard so willingly!
   7  He is my shield and fortitude,
         my buckler in distress;
      My heart rejoiceth greatly, and
         my song shall him confess.
   8  He is our strength and our defence,
         our foes for to resist,
      The health and the salvation of
         his own elect by Christ.
   9  Thy people and thy heritage,
         Lord, bless, guide, and preserve;
      Increase them, Lord, and rule their hearts,
         that they may never swerve.