Psalms in Metre
   1  The Lord is both my health and light,
         shall man make me dismayed?
      Since God doth give me strength and might,
         why should I be afraid? 
   2  While that my foes with all their strength
         began with me to brawl,
      Thinking to eat me up, at length
         themselves have caught the fall.
   3  Though they encamped against me lie,
         my heart is not afraid;
      And if in battle they will try,
         I trust in God for aid.
   4  One thing of God I do require,
         that he will not deny;
      For which I pray, and will desire,
         till he to me apply:
   5  That I within his holy place
         my life throughout may dwell;
      To see the beauty of his face,
         and view his temple well.
   6  In time of dread he shall me hide
         within his place most pure,
      And keep me secret by his side,
         as on a rock most sure.
   7  At length I know the Lord's good grace
         shall make me strong and stout.
      My foes to foil and clean deface,
         that compass me about.
   8  Therefore within his house will I
         give sacrifice of praise:
      With psalms and songs I will apply
         to laud the Lord always.
   The Second Part.
   9  Lord, hear the voice of my request,
         for which to thee I cry;
      Have mercy, Lord, on me oppressed,
         and help me speedily.
  10  My heart confesseth unto thee,
         I sue to have thy grace:
      Then seek my face, saidst thou to me;
         Lord, I will seek thy face.
  11  In wrath turn not thy face away,
         nor suffer me to slide;
      My help thou hast been to this day,
         be still my God and guide.
  12  When both my parents me forsake,
         and cast me off at large,
      E'en then the Lord himself doth take
         of me the care and charge.
  13  Teach me, O Lord, the way to thee,
         and lead me on forth right,
      For fear of such as watch for me,
         to trap me if they might.
  14  O leave me not unto the will
         of them that be my foes;
      For they devise against me still
         false witness to depose.
  15  I utterly should faint, but that
         this hope supporteth me,
      That in the land wherein I live
         God's goodness I shall see.
  16  Trust still in God, whose whole thou art,
         his will abide thou must;
      He will support and ease thy heart,
         if thou in him do trust.

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