Psalms in Metre
   1     I Lift my heart to thee,
         my God and guide most just;
      Now suffer me to take no shame,
         for in thee do I trust.
   2     Let not my foes rejoice,
         nor make a scorn of me;
      And let them not be overthrown,
         that put their trust in thee.
   3     But shame shall them befall,
         who harm them wrongfully:
      Therefore thy paths, and thy right ways,
         unto me, Lord, descry.
   4     Direct me in thy truth,
         and teach me, I thee pray:
      Thou art my Saviour and my God,
         on thee I wait alway.
   5     Thy mercies manifold
         remember, Lord, I pray:
      In pity thou art plentiful,
         and so hast been alway.
   6     Remember not the faults
         and frailty of my youth;
      Call not to mind how ignorant
         I have been of thy truth:
   7     Nor after my deserts
         let me thy mercy find;
      But of thine own benignity,
         Lord, have me in thy mind.
   8     His mercy is full sweet,
         his truth a perfect guide;
      Therefore the Lord will sinners teach,
         and such as go aside.
   9     The humble he will teach
         his precepts to obey,
      He will direct in all his paths
         the lowly man alway.
  10     For all the ways of God
         both truth and mercy are;
      To them that do his covenant
         and statutes keep with care.
  The Second Part.
  11     Now for thy holy Name,
         O Lord, I thee entreat
      To grant me pardon for my sin,
         for it is very great.
  12     Whoso doth fear the Lord,
         by him he shall be kept,
      To lead his life in such a way
         as he doth best accept:
  13     His soul shall evermore
         in goodness dwell and stand;
      His seed and his posterity
         inherit shall the land.
  14     All those that fear the Lord,
         know his secret intent;
      And unto them he doth declare
         his will and testament.
  15     My eyes and thankful heart
         to him I will advance,
      That plucked my feet out of the snare
         Of sin and ignorance.
  16     With mercy me behold,
         to thee I make my moan;
      For I am poor and desolate,
         and comfortless alone.
  17     The troubles of my heart
         are multiplied indeed;
      Bring me out of this misery,
         necessity, and need.
  18     Behold my poverty,
         my anguish and my pain:
      Remit my sin and my offence,
         and make me clean again.
  19     O Lord, behold my foes,
         how they do still increase,
      Pursuing me with deadly hate,
         that fain would live in peace:
  20     Preserve and keep my soul,
         and still deliver me;
      And let me not be overthrown,
         because I trust in thee.
  21     Let truth and uprightness
         for ever wait on me,
      Because my hope and confidence
         have always been in thee.
  22     Deliver, Lord, thy folk,
         and send them some relief;
      I mean thy chosen Israel,
         from all their pain and grief.