Methodist Hymnal (1876)
1 THOU art gone up on high
Our Saviour in the sky,
Principalities and powers
Thou hast spoiled, and captive led,
Conquered all thy foes and ours,
More than conquered in our stead.

2 Mysterious gifts unseen
Thou hast received for men,
Gifts for a rebellious race
Streaming from thy throne above,
Contrite grief, and pardoning grace,
Humble fear, and purest love.

3 The gift unspeakable,
The witness, pledge, and seal,
Heavenly Comforter divine,
Spirit of eternity,
Purchased by that blood of thine,
Him thou hast received for me.

4 For me obtained he is,
For all thine enemies;
Jesus, thou the giver art!
Now thy Father's name reveal,
Now the Holy Ghost impart,
God in man for ever dwell!

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