Methodist Hymnal (1876)
1 SWEET is the sunlight after rain,
And sweet the sleep which follows pain,
And sweetly steals the Sabbath rest
Upon the world's work-wearied breast.

2 Of heaven the sign of earth the calm!
The poor man's birthright, and his balm!
God's witness of celestial things!
A sun with healing in its wings.

3 New rising in this gospel time,
And in its sevenfold light sublime,
Blest day of God! we hail its dawn,
To gratitude and worship drawn.

4 O nought of gloom and nought of pride
Should with the sacred hours abide!
At work for God, in loved employ,
We lose the duty in the joy.

5 Breathe on us, Lord! our sins forgive,
And make us strong in faith to live:
Our utmost, sorest need supply,
And make us strong in faith to die.