Methodist Hymnal (1876)
1 SAVIOUR, to thee we humbly cry!
The brethren we have lost restore;
Recall them by thy pitying eye,
Retrieve them from the Tempter's power;
By thy victorious blood cast down,
Nor suffer him to take their crown.

2 Beguiled alas! by Satan's art,
We see them now far off removed,
The burden of our bleeding heart,
The souls whom once in thee we loved;
Whom still we love with grief and pain,
And weep for their return in vain.

3 In vain, till thou the power bestow,
The double power of quickening grace.
And make the happy sinners know
Their Tempter, with his angel-face,
Who leads them captive at his will,
Captive - but happy sinners still!

4 O wouldst thou break the fatal snare
Of carnal self-security;
And let them feel the wrath they bear,
And let them groan their want of thee,
Robbed of their false, pernicious peace,
Stripped of their fancied righteousness!

5 The men of careless lives, who deem
Thy righteousness accounted theirs,
Awake out of the soothing dream,
Alarm their souls with humble fears:
Thou jealous God, stir up thy power,
And let them sleep in sin no more!

6 Long as the guilt of sin shall last,
Them in its misery detain;
Hold their licentious spirits fast,
Bind them with their own nature's chain,
Nor ever let the wanderers rest,
Till lodged again in Jesu's breast.