Methodist Hymnal (1876)
1 REMEMBER, Lord, the pious zeal
Of every soul that cleaves to thee,
The troubles for thy sake they feel,
Their eager hopes thy house to see.

2 Arise, O Lord, into thy rest,
Thou, and thy ark of perfect power;
God over all, for ever blessed,
Thee, Jesus, let our hearts adore.

3 Thy priests be clothed with righteousness,
Thy praise their happy lives employ,
The saints in thee their all possess,
And shout the sons of God for joy.

4 O for thy love, thy Jesu's sake,
Us, thine anointed ones receive,
In the Beloved accepted make,
And bid us to thy glory live.

5 Zion, God saith, my rest shall be,
The faithful shall my presence feel;
I long for all who long for me,
And will in them for ever dwell.

6 I will increase their gracious store,
My Zion every moment feed,
And satisfy the hungry poor,
And fill their souls with living bread:

7 With garments of salvation deck
Her priests, and clothe with robes of praise;
Her saints their joy aloud shall speak,
And shout my all-sufficient grace.

8 There shall the horn of David bud,
There I have set the lamp divine;
The wisdom and the power of God
In mine anointed Son shall shine.

9 Messiah on my throne shall sit
Supreme, till all his foes are slain,
Till death expires beneath his feet,
The sinner's Advocate shall reign.