Methodist Hymnal (1876)

1 O GREAT mountain, who art thou,
Immense, immovable?
High as heaven aspires thy brow,
Thy foot sinks deep as hell!
Thee, alas, I long have known,
Long have felt thee fixed within;
Still beneath thy weight I groan;
Thou art Indwelling Sin.

2 Thou art darkness in my mind,
Perverseness in my will,
Love inordinate and blind,
That always cleaves to ill;
Every passion's wild excess,
Anger, lust, and pride, thou art;
Thou art sin and sinfulness,
And unbelief of heart.

3 Not by human might or power
Canst thou be moved from hence;
But thou shalt flow down before
Divine omnipotence;
My Zerubbabel is near;
I have not believed in vain;
Thou, when Jesus doth appear,
Shalt sink into a plain.

4 Christ the head, the corner-stone,
Shall be brought forth in me;
Glory be to Christ alone!
His grace shall set me free;
I shall shout my Saviour's name,
Him I evermore shall praise;
All the work of grace proclaim,
Of sanctifying grace.

5 Christ hath the foundation laid,
And Christ shall build me up;
Surely I shall soon be made
Partaker of my hope;
Author of my faith he is,
He its finisher shall be;
Perfect love shall seal me his
To all eternity.