Methodist Hymnal (1876)
1 LORD, thou hast bid thy people pray
For all that bear the sovereign sway,
And thy vicegerents reign, -
Rulers, and governors, and powers;
And lo, in faith we pray for ours,
Nor can we pray in vain!

2 Jesu, thy chosen servant guard,
And every threatening danger ward
From his anointed head;
Bid all his griefs and troubles cease,
And through the paths of heavenly peace
To life eternal lead.

3 Cover his enemies with shame,
Defeat their every hostile aim,
Their baffled hopes destroy:
But shower on him thy blessings down,
Crown him with grace, with glory crown,
And everlasting joy.

4 To hoary hairs be thou his God;
Late may he reach that high abode,
Late to his heaven remove;
Of virtues full, and happy days,
Accounted worthy by thy grace
To fill a throne above.

5 Secure us, of his royal race,
A man to stand before thy face,
And exercise thy power:
With wealth, prosperity, and peace,
Our nation and our churches bless,
Till time shall be no more.