Methodist Hymnal (1876)

1 IN the name which earth and heaven
Ever worship, praise, and fear, -
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, -
Shall a house be builded here:
Here with prayer its deep foundations
In the faith of Christ we lay,
Trusting by his help to crown it
With the top-stone in its day.

2 Here as in their due succession
Stone on stone the workmen place,
Thus, we pray, unseen but surely,
Jesu, build us up in grace;
Till, within these walls completed,
We complete in thee are found;
And to thee, the one Foundation,
Strong and living stones, are bound.

3 Fair shall be thine earthly temple:
Here the careless passer-by
Shall bethink him, in its beauty,
Of the holier house on high;
Weary hearts and troubled spirits
Here shall find a still retreat;
Sinful souls shall bring their burden
Here to The Absolver's feet.

4 Yet with truer nobler beauty,
Lord, we pray, this house adorn,
Where thy bride, thy church redeemed,
Robes her for her marriage morn;
Clothed in garments of salvation,
Rich with gems of heavenly grace,
Spouse of Christ, arrayed and waiting
Till she may behold his face.

5 Here in due and solemn order
May her ceaseless prayer arise;
Here may strains of holy gladness
Lift her heart above the skies;
Here the word of life be spoken;
Here the child of God be sealed;
Here the bread of heaven be broken,
"Till he come" himself revealed.

6 Praise to thee, O Master-Builder,
Maker of the earth and skies;
Praise to thee, in whom thy temple
Fitly framed together lies:
Praise to thee, eternal Spirit,
Binding all that lives in one:
Till our earthly praise be ended,
And the eternal song begun!