Psalms in Metre
1  The Lord doth reign, although at it
       the people rage full sore:
    Yea, on the cherubims doth sit,
       though all the world do roar.
 2  The Lord that doth in Zion dwell,
       is high and wondrous great,
    Above all folk he doth excel,
       and he aloft is set.
 3  Let all men praise thy mighty Name,
       for it is fearful sure;
    And let them magnify the same,
       that holy is and pure,
 4  The princely power of our King
       doth love judgement and right;
    Thou rightly rulest ev'ry thing
       in Jacob through thy might.
 5  To praise the Lord our God devise,
       all honour to him show;
    And at his footstool worship him,
       that holy is and true.
 6  Moses, Aaron, and Samuel,
       as priests on him did call;
    When they did pray he heard them well,
       and gave them answer all.
 7  Within the cloud to them he spake,
       then did they labour still
    To keep such laws as he did make
       according to his will.
 8  O Lord our God, thou didst them hear,
       and answer'dst them again:
    But their inventions punishedst,
       which foolish were and vain.
 9  O praise our God and Lord therefore
       upon his holy hill:
    For why? our God whom we adore
       is the most holy still.

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