1 SAVIOUR, Prince of Israel's race,
See me from thy lofty throne;
Give the sweet relenting grace,
Soften this obdurate stone!
Stone to flesh, O God, convert;
Cast a look, and break my heart!

2 By thy Spirit, Lord, reprove,
All my inmost sins reveal,
Sins against thy light and love
Let me see, and let me feel;
Sins that crucified my God,
Spilt again thy precious blood.

3 Jesu, seek thy wandering sheep,
Make me restless to return;
Bid me look on thee, and weep,
Bitterly as Peter mourn,
Till I say, by grace restored,
"Now thou know'st I love thee, Lord!"

4 Might I in thy sight appear,
As the publican distrest,
Stand, not daring to draw near,
Smite on my unworthy breast,
Groan the sinner's only plea,
"God, be merciful to me!"

5 O remember me for good,
Passing through the mortal vale!
Show me the atoning blood,
When my strength and spirit fail;
Give my gasping soul to see
Jesus crucified for me!