Methodist Hymnal (1876)

1 O GOD, if thou art love indeed,
Let it once more be proved in me,
That I thy mercy's praise may spread,
For every child of Adam free;
O let me now the gift embrace!
O let me now be saved by grace!

2 If all long-suffering thou hast shown
On me, that others may believe,
Now make thy loving-kindness known,
Now the all-conquering Spirit give,
Spirit of victory and power,
That I may never grieve thee more.

3 Grant my importunate request!
It is not my desire, but thine;
Since thou wouldst have the sinner blest,
Now let me in thine image shine,
Nor ever from thy footsteps move,
But more than conquer through thy love.

4 Be it according to thy will!
Set my imprisoned spirit free;
The counsel of thy grace fulfil;
Into thy glorious liberty
My spirit, soul, and flesh restore,
And I shall never grieve thee more.

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