1 HOW long wilt thou forget me, Lord?
Wilt thou for ever hide thy face?
Leave me unchanged, and unrestored,
An alien from the life of grace?

2 How long shall l inquire within,
And seek thee in my heart, in vain,
Vexed with the dire remains of sin,
Galled with the tyrant's iron chain?

3 How long shall Satan's rage prevail?
(I ask thee with a faltering tongue)
See at thy feet my spirit fail,
And hear me feebly groan, "How long?"

4 Ah! suffer not my foe to boast
His victory o'er a child of thine;
Nor let the proud Philistines' host
In Satan's hellish triumph join.

5 Will they not charge my fall on thee?
Will they not dare my God to blame?
My God, forbid the blasphemy,
Be jealous for thy glorious name!

6 My trust is in thy gracious power,
I glory in salvation near;
Rejoice in hope of that glad hour
When perfect love shall cast out fear.

7 I sing the goodness of the Lord,
The goodness I experience now;
And still I hang upon thy word,
My Saviour to the utmost thou!