1 Samuel 26:20
let not my: 1Sa 2:9, 1Sa 25:29 the king: 1Sa 24:14, Mat 26:47, Mat 26:55 a flea: Parosh, (in Arabic borghooth, Syriac, poorthano,) the well known little contemptible and troublesome insect, the flea, seems to be so called from its agility in leaping and skipping, from para, "free," and raash, "to leap, bound." David, by comparing himself to this insect, seems to import, that while it would cost Saul much pains to catch him, he would obtain but very little advantage from it. a partridge: Korai certainly denotes the partridge, which is called in Arabic, kiraa. It seems to be so called from the cry or cur which it utters when calling its young. Reciprocal: 1Sa 24:11 - thou huntest 2Sa 9:8 - a dead dog Psa 49:5 - heels Psa 124:6 - who hath not Jer 16:16 - hunters Mic 7:2 - hunt