1 Samuel 25:2
Maon: 1Sa 23:24 possessions were: or, business was Carmel: Not the famous mount Carmel, in the north of Canaan, and in the tribe of Asher; but a city, on a mountain of the same name, in the south of Judah, which seems to have given name to the surrounding territory. Eusebius and Jerome inform us, that there was in their time a town called Carmelia, ten miles east from Hebron, where the Romans kept a garrison, whose position well agrees with this Carmel. man: Gen 26:13, 2Sa 19:32, Psa 17:14, Psa 73:3-7, Luk 16:19-25 three thousand: Gen 13:2, Job 1:3, Job 42:12 shearing: This was a very ancient custom, and appears to have been always attended with festivity. The ancient Romans, however, used to pluck off the wool from the sheep's backs; and hence a fleece was called vellus, a vellendo, from plucking it off. Pliny says, that in his time sheep were not shorn every where, but in some places the wool was still plucked off. Gen 38:13, 2Sa 13:23, 2Sa 13:24 Carmel: 1Sa 30:5, Jos 15:55 Reciprocal: Gen 32:14 - General Jos 12:22 - Carmel Jdg 10:12 - the Maonites 1Sa 9:1 - power 1Sa 15:12 - Carmel Psa 73:7 - have Dan 2:48 - a great Amo 1:2 - Carmel