1 Samuel 24:3
the sheepcotes: Caves in the rocks, in which it is still common for shepherds and their flocks to lodge. Dr. Pococke observes, "Beyond the valley - of Tekoa there is a very large grotto, which the Arabs call El-Maamah, a hiding place: the high rocks on each side of the valley are almost perpendicular; and the way to the grotto is by a terrace formed in the rock, which is very narrow. There are two entrances into it; we went by the farthest, which leads by a narrow passage into a very large grotto, the rock being supported by natural pillars; the top of it rises in several places like domes; the grotto is perfectly dry. There is a tradition, that the people of the country, to the number of 30,000, retired into this grotto, to avoid a bad air. This place is so strong, that one would imagine it to be one of the strong holds of En-gedi, to which David and his men fled from Saul, and possibly it may be that very cave in which he cut off Saul's skirt; for David and his men might, with good ease, lie hid there and not be seen by him." Travels, vol. ii. P. 1. p. 41. and Saul: Psa 141:6 to cover: Jdg 3:24 David: Psa 57:1, Psa 142:1,*titles Reciprocal: Jos 10:16 - in a cave 1Sa 13:6 - in caves 2Sa 17:9 - he is hid Psa 17:11 - compassed Jer 41:9 - because of Gedaliah Eze 33:27 - in the caves Jon 1:5 - the sides