1 Samuel 19:16
And when: It is highly probable that David, when supposed to be sick, was thought to be hid in the harem or chamber of Michal. "The harems," says Deut. Lam. Motraye, "are sanctuaries, as sacred and inviolable, for persons pursed by justice for any crime, debt, etc., as the Roman Catholic churches in Italy, Spain, Portugal, etc." Thus we find, that to effect his purpose, Saul sent messengers to Michal, but they treated her harem with too much respect to enter it at first; but being authorised by Saul, they entered even into her chamber; and during the delay occasioned by respect for the privacy of Michal, David escaped. 1Sa 19:16 Reciprocal: 2Ch 18:24 - into an inner chamber Psa 59:8 - Thou