1 Samuel 19:13
an image: Heb. teraphim, Gen 31:19, *marg. Jdg 17:5, Jdg 18:14, Jdg 18:17, Hos 3:4 a pillow: Rather, "the net-work of goat's hair at its (the Teraphim's) pillow;" for the kevir, (whence the Chaldee and Syriac kavreetho, a honey-comb, from its net-like form), seems to have been a kind of mosquito-net, which, says Dr. Shaw, is "a close curtain of gauze, used all over the East, by people of fashion, to keep out the flies." That they had such anciently cannot be doubted. Thus when Judith had beheaded Holofernes in his bed (1Sa 13:9, 1Sa 13:15) "she pulled down the canopy (or the mosquito net, το κωνωπειου, from κωνωψ, a gnat, or mosquito, whence our word canopy) wherein he did lie in his drunkenness, from the pillars." Reciprocal: 2Ki 8:15 - that he took a thick cloth