Judges 19:9
the day: Luk 24:29 draweth: etc. Heb. is weak the day groweth to an end: Heb. it is the pitching time of the day, Jer 6:4. That is, it was near the time in which travellers ordinarily pitched their tents, to take up their lodging for the night. In the latter part of the afternoon, eastern travellers begin to look out for a place for this purpose. So Dr. Shaw observes, "Our constant practice was to rise at break of day, set forward with the sun, and travel to the middle of the afternoon; at which time we began to look out for encampments of Arabs; who, to prevent such parties as ours from living at free charges upon them, take care to pitch in woods, valleys, or places the least conspicuous." to morrow: Pro 27:1, Jam 4:13, Jam 4:14 home: Heb. to thy tent Reciprocal: Exo 18:27 - General Jdg 16:25 - their hearts Jdg 19:6 - let thine heart Rth 3:7 - his heart 2Sa 13:28 - heart is merry