Judges 19:18
I am now: The LXX read, εις τον οικον μου εγω πορευομαι· "I am going to my own house;" which is probably the true reading, as we find - Jdg 19:29 that he really went home; yet he might have gone previously to Shiloh, or to "the house of the Lord," because that was also in mount Ephraim. the house: Jdg 18:31, Jdg 20:18, Jos 18:1, 1Sa 1:3, 1Sa 1:7 receiveth: Heb. gathereth, Jdg 19:5, Psa 26:9, Joh 15:6 Reciprocal: Jdg 18:2 - mount Jdg 19:15 - no man Pro 25:17 - Withdraw thy foot from thy neighbour's