Judges 15:19
the jaw: or, Lehi, This reading is certainly preferable: it was in the place called Lehi where a spring was supernaturally opened. there came: Isa 44:3 his spirit: Gen 45:27, 1Sa 30:12, Isa 40:26 Enhakkore: Samson gave this expressive name to the miraculously springing water, to be as a memorial of the goodness of God to him. En-hakkore, the well of him that cried, which kept him in remembrance both of his own distress which caused him to cry, and the favour of Jehovah to him in answer to his cry. Many a spring of comfort God opens to his people, which may fitly be called by the name En-hakkore, and this instance of Samson's relief should encourage us to trust in God, for when he pleases he can open rivers in high places. Isa 41:17, Isa 41:18, Samson at first gave the name of Ramath-lehi - the lifting up of the jaw-bonewhich denoted him great and triumphant, but now he gives it another name, En-hakkore, which denotes him wanting and dependent. Gen 16:13, Gen 22:14, Gen 28:19, Gen 30:30, Exo 17:15, Psa 34:6, Psa 120:1 Reciprocal: Jdg 15:9 - Lehi 1Ki 17:6 - the ravens Psa 107:5 - General Pro 25:25 - cold