Joshua 9:4
work wilily: Gen 34:13, 1Ki 20:31-33, Mat 10:16, Luk 16:8 ambassadors: The word tzir, an ambassador, properly denotes a hinge; because an ambassador is a person upon whom the business turns as upon a hinge. So the Latin Cardinalis, from cardo, a hinge, was the title of the prime minister of the emperor Theodosius, though now applied only to the Pope's electors and counsellors. wine bottles: These bottles being made of skin, were consequently liable to be rent, and capable of being mended; which is done, according to Chardin, by putting in a piece, or by gathering up the wounded piece in the manner of a purse; and sometimes by inserting a flat piece of wood. Psa 119:83, Mat 9:17, Mar 2:22, Luk 5:37, Luk 5:38 Reciprocal: Jos 9:12 - our bread