Joshua 3:15
the feet: Jos 3:13, Isa 26:6 Jordan overfloweth: The ordinary current of the Jordan, near where the Israelites crossed, is said by Maundrell, to be about twenty yards across, deeper than a man's height, and so rapid, that there is no swimming against it. It has, however, two banks; the first, or inner one, is that of the river in its natural state, and the second, or outer one, about a furlong distant, is that of its overflowings, which it does when the summer's sun has melted the snow on mount Lebanon and Hermon, in the months of March and April. And this was the time which God chose that the Israelites should pass over it; that a miraculous interposition might be necessary; and that, by the miracle, they might be convinced of his omnipotence. Jos 4:18, 1Ch 12:15, Jer 12:5, Jer 49:19 all the time: Jos 5:10-12, Lev 23:10-16, Deu 16:1-9 Reciprocal: Jos 3:5 - the Lord 2Sa 15:24 - bearing 1Ki 8:3 - the priests took up 2Ki 5:12 - better Job 40:23 - Jordan Psa 77:16 - General Isa 43:2 - passest Hab 3:10 - the overflowing Zec 10:11 - smite