Joshua 24:27
A curious coincidence of circumstances is related by Livy, the Roman historian: he writes that "when three ambassadors were sent from Rome to complain of the perfidious conduct of the Aqui, the General informed them, that they might deliver their message to an oak which shaded his tent." On this one of the ambassadors turning away, said, "This venerable oak, and all the gods, shall know that you have violated the peace; they shall now hear our complaints; and may they also soon be witnesses, when we revenge with our arms the violation of divine and human rights." It is worthy of remark that Joshua merely set up a pillar under an oak - the one, perhaps, to protect the other; while the General directed the ambassadors to address the oak, perhaps with an idolatrous feeling that they were addressing one of the gods, who would aid his cause; while the Roman ambassadors caught the feeling, and really invoked the aid of the oak and the gods. Jos 22:27, Jos 22:28, Jos 22:34, Gen 31:44-52, Deu 4:26, Deu 30:19, Deu 31:19, Deu 31:21, Deu 31:26, 1Sa 7:12 it hath: Deu 32:1, Isa 1:2, Hab 2:11, Luk 19:40 deny: Job 31:23, Pro 30:9, Mat 10:33, 2Ti 2:12, 2Ti 2:13, Tit 1:16, Rev 3:8 Reciprocal: Gen 21:30 - a witness Gen 28:18 - set it Gen 31:48 - This heap Gen 49:33 - had made Exo 24:4 - twelve pillars Jos 4:3 - twelve stones Jos 22:10 - built Job 31:28 - for Isa 19:20 - for a Jam 5:3 - a witness