Joshua 22:34
Ed: i.e. a witness, The word witness, or testimony, is not found in the common editions of the Hebrew Bible; and is supplied in Italics by our venerable translators, at least in our modern copies; for in the first edition of this translation, it stands in the text without any note of this kind; but it is found in several of Kennicott's and De Rossi's manuscripts, and also in the Syriac and Arabic. Several also of the early printed editions of the Hebrew Bible have the word ed, either in the text or in the margin; and it must be allowed to be necessary to complete the sense. It is very probable that an inscription was put on this altar, signifying the purpose for which it was erected. Thus was this affair most happily terminated. Jos 22:27, Jos 24:27, 1Ki 18:39, Isa 43:10, Mat 4:10 the Lord is God: Several manuscripts read more emphatically, אלהים [Strong's H3068] הוא [Strong's H1931] יהוה, Yehowah, hoo Elohim, "Jehovah he is God." Reciprocal: Isa 19:20 - for a