Joshua 22:30
it pleased them: Heb. it was good in their eyes, It is remarkable, that Joshua is not once named in this transaction; but this only shews, that he did not in his old age assume any regal authority, but left the elders and magistrates to conduct the general business, only acting himself when great occasions made it necessary. Yet we cannot doubt, that his wisdom and piety influenced the counsels of the elders and people at this time. Jos 22:33, Gen 28:8, Jdg 8:3, 1Sa 25:32, 1Sa 25:33, 1Sa 29:6, 2Ch 30:4, Est 1:21, *marg. Pro 15:1, Act 11:18 Reciprocal: Gen 41:37 - good Num 25:7 - Phinehas Jdg 20:28 - Phinehas 1Ch 6:4 - Phinehas Jer 47:4 - country