Deuteronomy 20:7
betrothed a wife: It was customary among the Jews to contract matrimony, espouse, or betroth, and for a considerable time to leave the parties in the houses of the respective parents; and when the bridegroom had made proper preparations, then the bride was brought home to his house, and the marriage consummated. The provisions in this verse refer to a case of this kind; though the Jews extend it to him who had newly consummated his marriage, and even to him who had married his brother's wife. It was deemed a peculiar hardship for a person to be obliged to go to battle, who had left a house unfinished, newly purchased land half tilled, or a wife with whom he had just contracted marriage. Deu 22:23-25, Deu 24:5, Mat 1:18 lest he die: Deu 28:30, Luk 14:18-20, 2Ti 2:4 Reciprocal: Exo 21:8 - who hath