Matthew 22:21
Render: Mat 17:25-27, Pro 24:21, Luk 23:2, Rom 13:7 are Caesar's: This conclusion is drawn from their own maxims and premises. They held that "wherever the money of any king is current, there the inhabitants acknowledge that king for their lord." Now, by admitting that this was Cesar's coin, and by consenting to receive it as the current coin of their country, they in fact acknowledged their subjection to his government, and of course their obligation to pay the tribute demanded of them. This answer was full of consummate wisdom, and it completely defeated the insidious designs of his enemies. He avoided rendering himself odious to the Jewish people by opposing their notions of liberty, or appearing to pay court to the emperor, without exposing himself to the charge of sedition and disaffection to the Roman government. and: Mat 22:37, Mat 4:10, Dan 3:16-18, Dan 6:10, Dan 6:11, Dan 6:20-23, Mal 1:6-8, Mal 3:8-10, Act 4:19, Act 5:29, 1Pe 2:13-17 Reciprocal: Num 31:28 - levy Jos 7:11 - stolen 1Sa 12:3 - his anointed 1Ki 18:46 - ran before Luk 20:25 - Render 1Ti 6:3 - the words Tit 3:1 - to be subject 1Pe 2:17 - Fear