Numbers 26:11
It seems to be intimated in Num 16:27, Num 16:31-33, that the sons and the little ones of Korah, Dathan, and Abiram, were swallowed up; but the text here expressly affirms, that the children of Korah "died not;" and their descendants were famous even in David's time. On a close inspection, however, of Num 26:27, we shall find, that the sons and the little ones of Dathan and Abiram alone are mentioned. Num 16:5, Exo 6:24, 1Ch 6:22-28, Psa 42:1, Psa 44:1, Psa 45:1, Psa 46:1, Psa 47:1, *titles Psa 48:1, Psa 49:1, Psa 50:1, *titles Reciprocal: Exo 6:21 - Korah Num 16:32 - all the Num 17:12 - Behold 1Ch 6:37 - Korah