Numbers 15:22
This law concerning sins of ignorance, being entirely diverse from one before considered, occasions considerable difficulty - Lev. 4. Some explain that law as relating to sins of commission, this to sins of omission: others explain the one of inadvertent violations of the moral law, and the other of the transgressions of the ceremonial law, and some think that related to the whole nation, this to any one tribe; or that to the bulk of the nation, this to the rulers and elders. The Jews say, that the former law referred to such national transgressions through heedlessness, as consisted with the maintenance of the prescribed worship in the main; but that this especially respected the case of the nation, when through inattention, and the example and authority of wicked rulers, they had turned aside and committed idolatry, or conducted their worship directly contrary to law; yet through a culpable ignorance, and not in presumption. This was evidently the case under several of their kings; and the explanation seems well grounded. Lev 4:2, Lev 4:13, Lev 4:14, Lev 4:22, Lev 4:27, Lev 5:13, Lev 5:15-17, Psa 19:12, Luk 12:48 Reciprocal: 2Ch 29:21 - a sin offering Heb 5:2 - ignorant