Numbers 10:6
ye blow: A single alarm was a signal for the eastward division to march; two such alarms the signal for the south; and probably three for the west, and four for the North. There appears therefore, a deficiency in the Hebrew Text, which is thus supplied by the LXX: και σαλπιειτε σημασιαν τριτην, και εξαρουσιν αι παρεμβολαι αι παρεμβαλλουσαι παρα θαλασσαν. και σαλπιειτε σημασιαν τεταρτην, και εξαρουσιν αι παρεμβολαι αι παρεμβαλλουσαι προς βομραν. And when ye blow a third alarm or signal, the camps on the west shall march; and when ye blow a fourth alarm, the camps on the north shall march." This addition, however, is not acknowledged by the Samaritan, nor any other version than the Coptic, nor any manuscript yet collated. the camps: Num 2:10-16 Reciprocal: Num 10:5 - blow Num 33:2 - journeys Deu 10:6 - took