Micah 7:12
also: Isa 11:16, Isa 19:23-25, Isa 27:12, Isa 27:13, Isa 43:6, Isa 49:12, Isa 60:4-9, Isa 66:19, Isa 66:20, Jer 3:18, Jer 23:3, Jer 31:8, Eze 37:21, Eze 29:21, Hos 11:11 and from: or, even to, This verse may be rendered, "In that day they - peopleshall come to thee from Assyria and the fenced cities; and from the fortress - probably Pelusium at the entrance of Egypt even to the river - Euphrates;" etc. The expressions employed in this prophecy appear to be too strong for the events which transpired after the Babylonian captivity; and seem to refer to the future restoration of Israel, after their land has lain desolate for ages. Reciprocal: Isa 2:11 - in that day Isa 11:11 - from Assyria Eze 20:41 - I bring Zec 10:10 - out of the