Jonah 4:6
the Lord: Jon 1:17, Psa 103:10-14 gourd: or, palmcrist, Heb. Kikajon, קיקיון [Strong's H7021], probably the palma Christi, called kiki or kouki by the Egyptians, and Elkherod by the Arabs, from which caster oil is extracted. It is as large as the olive tree, has leaves like those of a vine, sometimes as broad as the brim of a hat, and is of very quick growth. So: Est 5:9, Pro 23:5, Isa 39:2, Amo 6:13, Luk 10:20, 1Co 7:30 was exceeding glad: Heb. rejoiced with great joy Reciprocal: Isa 25:5 - as the heat Jon 4:8 - that God