Leviticus 9:22
his hand: or, as the Greek has it, "his hands", Menachem gives reason why it is written hand, to signify the right hand, because that was lifted up higher than the left. The lifting up of the hand was a gesture used in speaking, and signifying any weighty thing, Isa 49:22, and particularly in swearing, Gen 14:22, praying, Psa 28:2, and blessing, either of God, Psa 134:2, or of men, as in this place. Paul, speaking of prayer, uses the phrase, "lifting up holy hands;" as also David: "Let the lifting up of my hands be as the evening sacrifice." Gen 14:18-20, Num 6:23-27, Deu 10:8, Deu 21:5, 1Ki 8:55, 1Ch 23:13, 2Ch 6:3, Psa 72:17, Mar 10:16, Luk 24:50, Act 3:26, 2Co 13:14, Heb 7:6, Heb 7:7, 1Pe 3:9 Reciprocal: Gen 27:4 - that my Exo 10:25 - sacrifices Exo 39:43 - blessed them 2Sa 6:18 - he blessed Luk 2:34 - blessed