Leviticus 23:34
The fifteenth: Exo 23:16, Exo 34:22, Num 29:12, Deu 16:13-15, Ezr 3:4, Neh 8:14, Zec 14:16-19, Joh 1:14, Joh 7:2, Heb 11:9, Heb 11:13 the feast of tabernacles: This feast was celebrated in commemoration of the Israelites' dwelling in tents in the wilderness for forty years; and was kept with greater hilarity than any of the other festivals. Hence, in the Talmud, it is often called chag, the feast, by way of excellence; and by Philo, εορτων μεγιστην, the greatest of the feasts; it was therefore more noticed by the heathen than any other. It is probable that Cecrops borrowed from it the law which he made in Athens, "that the master of every family should after harvest make a feast for his servants, and eat together with them who had taken pains with him in tilling his grounds. Reciprocal: Exo 23:14 - General Lev 23:39 - when Deu 31:10 - General Jdg 21:19 - a feast 1Ki 8:2 - at the feast 1Ki 8:65 - held 1Ki 12:32 - like unto 2Ch 5:3 - in the feast 2Ch 7:8 - kept Neh 9:1 - twenty