Leviticus 20:9
curseth: The term yekallel signifies not only to curse, but to speak contemptuously, disrespectfully, or to make light of a person, so that all speeches which have a tendency to lessen our parents in the eyes of others, or to render their judgment, piety, etc., suspected or contemptible, is here included; though the act of cursing, or of treating the parent with injurious or opprobrious language, is what is particularly intended. He who conscientiously keeps the fifth commandment, can be in no danger of the judgment here denounced. Exo 21:17, Deu 27:16, Pro 20:20, Pro 30:11, Pro 30:17, Mat 15:4, Mar 7:10 his blood: Lev 20:11-13, Lev 20:16, Lev 20:27, Jos 2:19, Jdg 9:24, 2Sa 1:16, 1Ki 2:32, Mat 27:25 Reciprocal: 1Ki 2:37 - thy blood Eze 18:13 - blood Eze 22:7 - set Eze 33:4 - his blood Act 18:6 - Your 1Ti 1:9 - murderers