Ezekiel 7:6
An end: This is similar to the Eze 7:2, but there is a paronomasia, or play upon words, here, deserving of notice: ketz ba, ba hakketz, haikeetz ailayich "the end cometh, come is the end. It waketh for thee." Ketz is an end; haikeetz is to wake or watch. Eze 7:3, Jer 44:27 watcheth for thee: Heb. awaketh against thee, Zec 13:7 behold: Eze 7:10, Eze 21:25, Eze 39:8, 2Pe 2:5 Reciprocal: Jer 6:15 - at the time Jer 30:7 - for Zep 1:14 - it is 1Pe 4:7 - the end Rev 14:7 - hour