Ezekiel 46:1
Thus saith: Whether the rules for public worship here laid down were designed to be observed in those things wherein they differed from the law of Moses, in the ministrations of the second temple, is not certain. In the latter history of the Jewish church, the law of Moses only was followed, except in the corruption of following the traditions of the fathers. The gate: The prophet had before observed that the east gate of the outer court was shut, and was told that it must only be opened for the prince; and now he is informed that the gate of the inner court on the east was also shut, and is to be opened only on the sabbath and new moons, till the evening. shall be shut: Eze 44:1, Eze 44:2 six working: Gen 3:19, Exo 20:9, Luk 13:14 on the sabbath: Eze 45:17, Isa 66:23, Heb 4:9, Heb 4:10 Reciprocal: Gen 1:14 - and let Exo 16:26 - General Exo 31:15 - Six days Num 28:11 - in the beginnings 1Ch 9:18 - the king's Eze 40:6 - unto Eze 40:19 - unto the Eze 43:1 - the gate that Eze 46:12 - open him Col 2:16 - the new