Ezekiel 33:10
If our: The impenitent Jews seem to have charged the prophet's messages with inconsistency: for whilst he warned them to repent, and assured the penitent of forgiveness, he also predicted that the people "would pine away in their transgressions." The prediction, however, merely implied that God foresaw that the people in general would be impenitent, though some individuals would repent and be pardoned. Eze 24:23, Lev 26:39 how: Eze 37:11, Psa 130:7, Isa 49:14, Isa 51:20, Jer 2:25 Reciprocal: Lev 26:16 - consume 1Ki 21:29 - I will not 2Ki 6:33 - this evil is of the Lord Ezr 9:15 - in our trespasses Lam 4:9 - for Eze 3:18 - the same Eze 18:20 - righteousness 1Co 15:17 - ye are