Jeremiah 36:18
He: Jer 36:2, Jer 36:4, Jer 43:2, Jer 43:3, Pro 26:4, Pro 26:5 with ink: Baddeyo is rendered by some, after him; but deyo (in Chaldee and Syriac deyootha and in Welsh du) certainly denotes ink; whence are derived the Arabic dawat and deweet and Persian deeveet an ink-holder; the Syriac dayowo, and Persian div the devil. So the Alexandrian copy of the LXX has εν μελανι, and Vulgate atramento "with ink." Perhaps the princes supposed that Baruch had written this roll from memory; and that it was rather to be considered as his composition, than the substance of Jeremiah's prophecies; and they might ask this apparently frivolous question in order to allay the alarms excited by considering it as the word of God. But Baruch, with great simplicity, so answered their question, as to shew that he only acted as Jeremiah's amanuensis, and wrote verbatim what he had dictated. Reciprocal: Jer 36:32 - who