Jeremiah 28:17
Hananiah: Isa 44:25, Isa 44:26, Zec 1:6 the seventh month: The prophecy was delivered in the fifth month - Jer 29:1, and Hananiah died in the seventh month; exactly two months after he had delivered his false prophecy, which he declared, in the name of God, would be fulfilled in two years. Here then the true prophet was demonstrated, and the false prophet detected. The death of Hananiah, thus predicted, was God's seal to the words of His prophet, and must have gained his other predictions great credit among the people; though it is evident that it did not induce them to forsake their sins and return to the God of Israel. Reciprocal: Exo 9:5 - a set time Num 14:37 - died 1Sa 28:19 - and to morrow 1Ki 13:5 - General 1Ki 22:25 - Behold 2Ch 6:23 - requiting 2Ch 18:24 - Behold Jer 27:15 - ye