Isaiah 38:9
writing: Isa 12:1-6, Exo 15:1-21, Jdg 5:1-31, 1Sa 2:1-10, Psa 18:1, *title Psa 30:11, Psa 30:12, Psa 107:17-22, Psa 116:1-4, Psa 118:18, Psa 118:19, Jon 2:1-9 he had: Deu 32:39, 1Sa 2:6, Job 5:18, Hos 6:1, Hos 6:2, We have here Hezekiah's thanksgiving song, which he penned by Divine direction, after his recovery. He might have used some of the Psalms of David his father, as he had appointed the Levites to praise the Lord with the words of David, 2Ch 29:30, but the occasion here was extraordinary. His heart being full of devout affections, he would not confine himself to the compositions he had, though of Divine inspiration, but offered up his praises in his own words. The Lord put a new song into his mouth. He put his thanksgiving into writing, that he might review it himself afterwards, for the reviving of the good impressions made upon him by the providential interference, and that it might be recommended to others also for their use upon the like occasion. 2Ch 29:30 Reciprocal: Isa 33:18 - heart Mar 5:19 - Go home