Isaiah 38:8
I will bring: Jos 10:12-14, 2Ki 20:11, 2Ch 32:24, 2Ch 32:31, Mat 16:1 the sun dial: Heb. the degrees by, or, with the sun, Or, as the Hebrew might be rendered, "the steps of Ahaz." The researches of curious travellers in Hindostan, observes Bp. Stock, have lately discovered in that country, three observatories of similar form, the most remarkable of which is to be seen within four miles of Delhi, the ancient capital of the Mogul empire. A rectangled triangle, whose hypotenuse is a staircase - apparently parallel to the axis of the earth bisects a zone, or coping of a wall, which wall connects the two terminating towers at right and left. The coping itself is of a circular form, and accurately graduated, to mark, by the gnomon above, the sun's progress before and after noon. Reciprocal: Jos 10:13 - So the sun Jos 10:14 - there was 1Sa 10:9 - and all those signs 2Ki 20:9 - This sign Isa 7:11 - a sign Hab 3:11 - sun