Exodus 7:20
he lifted: Exo 17:5, Exo 17:6, Exo 17:9-12, Num 20:8-12 all the waters: As the Nile was held sacred by the Egyptians, as well as the animals it contained, to which they annually sacrificed a girl, or as others say, both a boy and girl, God might have designed this plague as a punishment for such idolatry and cruelty; and to shew them the baseness of those elements which they reverenced, and the insufficiency of the gods in which they trusted. All the punishments brought upon them bore a strict analogy to their crimes. Exo 7:17, Exo 7:18, Psa 78:44, Psa 105:29, Joh 2:9-11, Rev 8:8 Reciprocal: 2Ki 4:29 - lay my staff Rev 8:10 - the fountains Rev 16:4 - and they